0914, not only a area code.



The group 0914 is from Burtrask, Västerbotten, Sweden where folk music flourished for centuries and has fostered musicians and groups which made a deep impression on the Swedish folk music scene.

0914´s vision is to spread the happiness, joy and magic that exists in the Swedish folk music, and to convey this to the audience. Mixed with the happy tunes, 0914 involve the audience by telling stories that explain or reinforce the myths from northern Sweden in both a personnewal and global perspective. 0914 has existed for 7 years, before that the group toured with other groups.
The group decided in 2007 that they wanted to play mainly their own

rhythmic folk music compositions in an acoustic form, 0914 was born.

During the last 20 years the four musicians have toured around Scandinavia with different types of Swedish folk music often mixed with true and sometimes fictitious stories. When 0914 was starting touring they experienced a growing interest in their music, mainly because the shape is easy listening and rhythmic.

With guitar, bass, keyfiddle, fiddle and percussions they create music which is happy, intense, playful and exciting.

Many people feel their music is hard to compare with anything else.


So, what about the name?
0914 is simply the areacode for phonecalls to Burträsk, our hometown





Consert at Sävenäs
Vis &Popfestival Sweden
25 july.


December 2015
Christmas in folkconserts